Professional Property Restoration for San Diego Homes

Whether the damage comes from a small pipe leak or a massive plumbing failure, San Diego residents need rapid-response property restoration services from technicians with the experience, accreditation, and tools necessary to prepare the impacted space for renovations and repairs where required.  

California Construction Superior (CCS) is an Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) accredited firm with a Restoration Industry Association membership. This EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm is licensed to perform San Diego property restoration services covering a variety of typical disaster scenarios that affect homes and businesses.  

Accreditations for service include:  

  • General Contractor License #1087179 
  • IICRC #70013691 
  • Micro Mold Contractor #84556 
  • Lead Safe Renovation #70013691 

Residential and Commercial Water Damage Mitigation Services 

CCS’s water damage services cover residential and commercial water damage concerns, including in hard-to-reach areas like ceilings and wall cavities. Homeowners can benefit greatly from professional-grade moisture extraction, drying, and sanitation that follows restoration industry protocols while providing residents with peace of mind.  

California Construction Superior aims to provide commercial cleanup that accommodates property managers’ needs and schedules and minimizes downtime for brick-and-mortar businesses, hotels, multi-family properties, and many other establishments. Services rendered adhere to local and federal codes for commercial properties and include:  

  • Water extraction via dedicated equipment. 
  • OSHA-approved antimicrobials can be applied to various surfaces, including wood, carpet, drywall, and more. 
  • Structural drying with carefully positioned, high-powered air movers and low-grain refrigerant or desiccant dehumidification units ensures efficient removal of residual moisture without secondary damage to structural materials. 
  • Carpet cleaning and drying strategies can salvage carpets and pads and prepare them for re-seaming. 
  • Inspection tools like moisture sensors and meters evaluate water levels throughout cleanup, ensuring that drying and mitigation follow restoration industry standards while meeting client needs.  

Other services available from CCS include the following:  

Mold Remediation Restores Properties Safely 

Residential and commercial mold mitigation services reduce mold proliferation to pre-contamination levels. Tasks that can ensure these results include moisture mitigation, spore containment and removal, odor control, and cleaning affected surfaces with EPA-registered solutions. 

Commercial and Residential Fire Restoration Strategies 

Fire damage cleanup strategies include remediating smoke and soot, controlling odors, eliminating water damage from fire suppression, and cleaning contents and furnishings impacted by fire.  

Expert Demolition and Debris Removal After Disaster 

CCS professionals can safely remove debris and demolish unsalvageable materials affected by water damage, fire damage, natural disasters, and mold per restoration industry standards.  

Comprehensive Dryer Vent Cleaning That Protects Properties 

Residential and commercial dryer vent cleaning to optimize airflow and reduce energy expenses while ensuring your property remains safe. Anywhere with a dryer vent, from a single-family property to a college campus laundromat, can benefit from this service. For service focused on restoring clean spaces and happy faces, contact California Construction Superior’s 24-hour dispatch at (858) 676-0800.