Water Damage Restoration and Repair for Escondido Hardwood Floors

Water damage from leaks or appliance failures can spread quickly in the room where the problem originates. Suddenly, you are contending with standing water on your hardwood floors and looking for a way to clean up the mess and protect the building materials involved. The fast response of California Construction Superior and our team of elite technicians can begin critical mitigation work and conduct needed repairs. 

CCS Mitigation and Emergency Services 

Because of our comprehensive approach to restoration and recovery work, we can begin water damage restoration in Escondido homes using sophisticated and advanced extraction and drying tools. Our initial objective is to protect affected materials as much as possible, limiting the need for controlled demolition and later build-back services. During our earliest emergency services approach, you can expect us to conduct several site-specific actions, which could include: 

  • Removing damaged contents from the affected areas of your home to a safe, dry place 
  • Clearing standing water using pumps and vacuums varying in size and strength 
  • Using moisture detection devices to track hidden water inside of hardwood plank and underneath this surface layer of the flooring 
  • Conducting controlled demolition of portions of the floor, baseboard, and other affected building materials when salvageability is not possible 

Because spreading water and absorption can impact multiple flooring layers, our commitment to continually monitoring the drying process simultaneously tracks our successes and the conditions of impacted materials. We work around the clock with tools like drying mats and air movers to access the trapped water directly before it binds to cellulose in the wood grain planks.  

Restoration and Repairs Under One Name  

California Construction Superior is devoted to “Restoring Clean Spaces and Happy Faces.” We are forthcoming and honest about the state of your home’s flooring materials and their potential for restoration. When replacement is necessary, we offer matching services to replace portions of the flooring rather than installing a new material altogether. When it isn’t feasible, we work with you to choose the best material that matches what you want at a reasonable price.  You cannot predict the damage water can do to a room or area of your Escondido house. For years, we have been a trusted name in the restoration, repairs, and deep cleaning of the Greater San Diego area. When disaster strikes, rely on the roster that sees it through from inspection to reconstruction. California Construction Superior is available 24/7 when you call (858) 676-0800.